Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buy another 11 lot of kfima

Bought 11 lot kfima @ 0.855 in my portfolio... now total holding 41 lot kfima, 15 lot of gopeng and 20 lot of titan...
Unreleased profit 3.7k, 5.71%
I'm eyeing another counter which giving very good upside potential, will update once I got.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Portfolio as 16/9/2009

Kfima today up 9 tick as my portfolio of kfima make more than 15% less than 2 week time...
Didn't I tell you patient is gold in share market ?
I haven't dispose single unit of kfima, reason why ? simple, even with market price 0.835, PE still less than 3.... upside potential very very high, bright, shine...

I think 0.9 shouldn't be problem if volumn keep going like this.... look at gopeng, it's just matter of time. Once volumn picking up, it'll be another shining star

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halex, another blackhorse ??

What we can expect for next IPO -- Halex ??

Halex IPO to list its shares on September 16 2009 in bursa, plans to raise RM7.8 million by issuing 10 million shares at 78 sen per share through the initial public offering. Oversubscription of 7.14 times
Product mostly focus on tissue cultured plants, festive plants, agrochemicals, horticulture and healthcare disposable products. They plans to expand the existing facilities in Kawasan Industri Bandar Tenggara, Johor, to cater to more production lines.
75% revenue from local & 25% oversea
After reading their financial report, it's what I understand:

Revenue : 26 million
EPS: 3.74 (cent)
PE: 5.21 (base on 3.74 for 4 qtr & IPO price 0.78)
Debt : 1: 0.5 healthy

If market price go up to RM1, PE still healthy as 6.7 only...
Overall look good & healthy for me compare to previous 2 IPO (msports and Tas), but it's quite a small scale. Performance should be better than others 2, hopefully ^-~

Monday, September 14, 2009

You save more money when you trading online

Before I starting invest I always heard my uncle, father calling remiser and ask them buy or sell over phone, which is very inefficient. Nowsaday we got ADSL-- streamyx, Wimax -- P1, 3G -- Digi, Celcom, Maxis so popular we can trade over internet. We're new generation we are better and improve from old generation and mistake.

Ok, stop the crap, let's compare how we save trade over internet.

1.) Phone charge vs Internet charge: It's depend on frequent you buy and sell, if you buy and sell more most likely your phone bill will be much higher than internet fee(fixed). If you're oversea the phone charge will be much much more expensive than internet definitely.

2.) Remiser Commission: This's the most saving part...
Transaction amount (RM) Phone Total Internet Total You save
1,000.00 0.60% 6.00 0.42% 4.20 1.80
5,000.00 0.60% 30.00 0.42% 21.00 9.00
10,000.00 0.60% 60.00 0.42% 42.00 18.00
100,000.00 0.60% 600.00 0.42% 420.00 180.00
1,000,000.00 0.60% 6,000.00 0.42% 4,200.00 1,800.00

It's only sell or buy, if you want to complete transaction your cost will be x2 buy and sell.

I've survey most of the online platform security firm have provided and find out jupiter provide most cost saving and nice platform.

Transaction amount (RM) Other Online Bank Total Jupiter Total You save
1,000.00 0.42% 4.20 0.10% 1.00 3.20
5,000.00 0.42% 21.00 0.10% 5.00 16.00
10,000.00 0.42% 42.00 0.10% 10.00 32.00
100,000.00 0.42% 420.00 0.10% 100.00 320.00
1,000,000.00 0.42% 4,200.00 0.10% 1,000.00 3,200.00

Some fella might argue say, jupiter is not safe. It's not under PIDM. So whatever you buy and sell or cash keep in trust account will be gone....

And it's what I got "Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation (PIDM) is meant for the Banking Institutions only (Commercial Banks and Islamic Banks). As for the Stockbroking Firm, we are under Bursa Malaysia Rules and Regulations.Your money will deposited to your name @ 'Trust Account" with us separated from the company's operation account.Kindly be informed that we are in the different institutions.Thus, your monies are safe and its protected under Section 111 of the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007."

So now, you're not only save $$ and you're safe too...
Save now, you can make $$ by price going up by 1 tick or 2...


Saturday, September 12, 2009

What you can do with RM10,000

In malaysia with RM10,000 what you can do with it ?
buy house, dream on ...
buy car, no way ...
maybe buy a motorbike or go fancy vacation & restaurant, 10k gone~~

What if I invest RM10,000 buy 1,000 unit with market price RM10 of Public bank share, What'll it worth after 40 years ? Another millionaire .... or multi-millionaire...

I think most of people might know about Public bank history, some history recall:
1,000 unit of Public Bank shares in 1967 until today 2009, you'll have total 129,720 Public Bank shares worth a whopping RM1.2mil. And dividend 400k paid out in gross dividends, represented
a compounded annual return of 20% for each of the 40 years.
Is there any 2nd Public bank counter out there with this kind of potential for next 40 years ?
For me, I'll choose Genting International Singapore... reason why...
They target on international visitor, tourist, business man, just like las vegas but way better las vegas
because they've only 2 casino there compare to las vegas more than 100.

It can be easily stated that doing business in Singapore is better than doing business in any other place in the world thanks to the world-class regulatory environment and low taxation. With Lim family capability open a casino in singapore is a A+ move.

Plus singapore government is very kiasu and kiasi, no reason they'll let the business fail. It'll affect thousand of singaporean lose their job, millions of tax income.

One People, One nation, One singapore, One genting
We can expect 4x better because RM10,000 can buy 4,000 unit of Genting international singapore

Kfima = "The best 200 big companies in Asia"

EIGHT Malaysian companies are among the 200 small and medium-sized (SME) companies in the Asia Pacific that got into Forbes Asia's fifth annual "Best Under A Billion" list for 2009.

The companies are Coastal Contracts Bhd (marine transportation), Efficient E-Solutions Bhd (information technology outsourcing), ETI Tech (batteries), Hai-O Enterprise Bhd (cosmetics), Kumpulan Fima Bhd (food processing), NTPM (paper products), Success Transformer (electrical manufacturing) and YNH Property Bhd (palm oil).

According to Forbes Asia yesterday, the winners were culled from over 25,000 publicly listed companies with under US$1 billion (RM3.49 billion) in sales.

Four Malaysian companies - Coastal Contracts, Kumpulan Fima, NTPM and YNH Property - each recorded US$101 million (RM352.49 million) in sales.

Of the others, Hai-O Enterprise registered US$122 million (RM425.78 million) in sales, Success Transformer US$53 million (RM184.97 million), ETI Tech US$24 million (83.76 million), and Efficient E-Solutions US$17 million (RM59.33 million).

Forbes Asia said a third of last year's companies returned to this year's list, with all having either increased sales and profits over the past 12 months or were forecast to do so in the coming quarters.

It said that 78 companies from Hong Kong and China, or nearly 40 per cent, dominated the list, followed by Japan with 24 companies, South Korea (23), India (20) and Australia (18).

Apparel, media, technology and healthcare companies led the way on the list, it added.

Commenting on the list for the September 21 issue of Forbes Asia, writer Jack Gage said there were many survival stories in these 200 top companies whose lessons other entrepreneurs could learn from.

Gage said unprecedented dislocations in the global economy disrupted supply chains over the past 12 months, froze lines of credit, depleted consumer coffers and sent business spending into hibernation.

"The 64 companies returning from last year are a testament to fearless management and 136 new entrants have seized opportunities arising from the economic uncertainty," he said.

The 200 winning companies will be honoured at the Forbes Asia's "Best Under A Billion" award ceremony in Singapore on November 11. - Bernama

Source :



大馬進榜的公司多元,產業、直銷、科技、製造業和海事都有,而且多家是舊面孔。8家上榜公司有 艾飛升(EFFICEN,0064,主板貿服組)、沿海工程(COASTAL,5071,主板工業產品組)、ETI科技(ETITECH,0118,創業 板科技組)、海鷗企業(HAIO,7668,主板貿服組)、菲馬集團(KFIMA,6491,主板貿服組)、啟順造紙業(NTPM,5066,主板消費品 組)、前風變壓器(SUCCESS,7207,主板工業產品組)和游禮發產業(YNHPROP,3158,主板產業組)。

Soruce :

TA Enterprise rumours

A friend of mine send me this message few days ago: "Go TA (share), at least RM1.50 got news end or beginning next month. They will Foc warrant or share."

The rumour giving by his father good friend who's a remiser, for me very simple...
First I'll check this counter value:
PE 14
Market price around 1.2
Revenue drop
It just announce 4.5% dividend on May, volumn didn't pick up recently....
If it really happen hit 1.5 or even 1.6, upside potential 30% ....

Does it worth to buy on rumour? I'll pass.........

Friday, September 11, 2009

Value vs Goreng

ya...i wanted to buy that time at 4.30....but...scare also...dunno when it will stop dropping..... when up 7..... (Genting)

It's typical person thinking, how do we improve from ground? How do we learn from history, how we know when to buy and when to sell.....

All I know is intrinsic value, the real value of the company really are. I know some people will Fxxx me saying, market -- all is about supply and demand, if thing don't even have value or way over value, no matter how high you goreng the thing up, it'll drop back even lower than the original price...

Am I correct ? Time can proof.... Kfima up almost 10% from my buying price in 1 week time, you tell me...
Next will be gopeng ??? haha, let's wait...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Casino Business -- Why Genting doing great

I've been many casino, Las vegas casinos, Atlantic City casinos, New Orleans horse shoe, Mississippi Grand, Harrahs, Horse Shoe and so on...

The 1 thing I find out big different between US casino and Genting is their complimentary and reward system.

In Most of the US casino, classic gambler you sit down and play minimum for a while, raise your bet to US100 1 hand for half an hour, you'll be able to get hotel room, buffet even premium VIP restaurant with red wine on the spot, don't even need 2nd visit or collect points. Whenever your birthday, Public holiday or even when casino management in good mood, they'll send you USD100/200/500 cash voucher for free, all you need to do is drive there collect cash and go away. Can you imaging how much casino spend on this complimentary thingy...

Now come back to malaysia our Uncle Lim casino -- genting, people who went to genting and play few hand should know they have point system, normal, green, silver, gold & Plantium card to collect points... certain point only entitle for a meal, few hundred point for a hotel room (cheapest 1st world hotel). This's how monopoly doing business compare to US casino, not even a free drink for you... (In US casino, you can sit down drink beer, wine, liquor while you're playing card for free)

A little bit of Genting History
Genting Highlands was founded by the late Lim Goh Tong (Tan Sri) in the late 1960s. Currently, this resort is being lead by Lim Goh Tong's son, Lim Kok Thay (Tan Sri) who is also the current president and CEO of Star Cruises company.

It is sometimes informally known as the Las Vegas of Malaysia, dubbed the "City of Entertainment" as it is the only legal land-based casino in the country and is run by Resorts World Bhd, a subsidiary of Genting Group. The resort, Genting Highlands Resort, also features many hotels owned by Genting subsidiaries including Awana Genting, First World Hotel, Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel and Theme Park Hotel. Facilities in this resort include two theme parks, a Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum, a wind-turbine sky diving simulator, golf courses and shopping malls.

Let's look at the latest financial report:

Revenue: 2102 million
P/L: 214 million
EPS: 5.8
PE: RM6.87 / 0.232 = 29

Without consider Balance sheet, debt, PE29 for monopoly business is a ok. As long as business keep growing soon or later Genting International open by next beginning of the year it will boost the revenue. For this kind of counter, you can keep for your son, grand son or grand grand son... ^_^

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Msports -- Multi Sports Holdings LTD 2nd red chip in Bursa 不是猛龍不過江

It always got my attention when new IPO listed and drop like hell, a counter drop 36% since IPO listing price RM0.85 to RM0.545 in 14 days.

The Star: “This is the second China-based company to announce its listing on Bursa Malaysia through initial public offering (IPO). It registered a net profit of RM46.8mil in the financial year ended Dec 31, 2008 on revenue of RM195.78mil. Its net profit and revenue grew at a compounded annual growth rate of 37.8% and 34% respectively over the last three years. It currently has about 1,900 employees and serves about 300 customers, including Guohui, 361° and Xdlong, the manufacturers of well-known China brands. It has set a dividend payout policy of at least 20% of its pre-tax profit per year.”

Wow, What a great sentence “dividend payout at least 20% of its pre-tax profit per year”

Check it out the financial report

52 million revenue, 13 million profit & 0.05 EPS

Let’s find out what’s the PE for this company: 0.05 x 4 = 0.2 cent

RM0.545 / RM0.002 = PE 272 (Our Public bank , Sime PE only 12, 13)

Can you imaging to earn back what you pay for this counter you need 272 years…. Can you make it that long??

If it happen drop to RM0.1, PE=50, you still need 50 years to earn it back your cost!!! How they justify IPO price RM0.85 I really wish to know.

Let’s look at THE EDGE

According to filings to Bursa Malaysia last Friday, the Quek family, via its Cayman Islands incorporated vehicle GuoLine Group Management Co Ltd, had disposed of a 3.6% stake comprising 12.97 million shares in Multi Sports on Aug 24.

Do you still want to buy RED CHIP IPO ???

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Updated: Gopeng and Latest Profolio

I have added another 5 lot into my profolio average cost 0.677 for Gopeng.
Less than 1 week time both counter make more than Bank FD 1 year interest rate, you tell me which 1 better....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Golden rules

If you want to be success in share market some rules have to follow....

1) To identify an outstanding company
This principle is based on a common sense, A good company their intrinsic value will appear in the share price long term. So investors task is to do their "homework" in the countless possible to find out the really good companies and good management team.

2) Less is more
For an average person, three counter is enough. If you buy more counter you're more likely look at overall surface. The more you have a deeper concern, the lower your risk, income will be better.

3) Patience
Invest is not equal to gambling, gamble lose mean lose you can't get the money back. But invest, you can wait until market price higher than your cost only you sell.

4) Do not worry about short-term price fluctuations
Short-term price fluctuations could be control by some fund manager, punter, trader. Intrinsic value will reflect in the market price it's just matter of time, don't worry about short-term price fluctuation it'll go back on track once time come.

"They should try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” - Warren Buffett

"They should try to be fearful when uncle auntie start buying share and greedy when uncle auntie leaving market" Malaysia version

Why you should not keep money in bank even economic crisis

Are you keeping 100% of your cash in FD? No

How about 80% of your cash in FD? No

Ok, How about 50% of your cash in FD or saving account?

I think most probably you’ll say yes….
According to research most asian will keep their cash 50% or more in bank to earn interest, especially Chinese… reason ??? Chinese most kiasi and kiasu.

Most of the answer I heard:
1.) FD give me highest interest than anything else..
2.) Bank is the most safety place to keep cash
3.) I don’t know where to put my cash except of bank
4.) No knowledge of other method make interest
5.) Blah blah blah…..

During economic crisis, most people sell all of their share, bond, unit trust, property, ….. and put all their cash into bank FD. Is that correct way ? HELL NO, YOU’RE SO DAMN WRONG!!!!!

When economic crisis and market turn bad, GDP drop, company start fired people, government decrease FD rate. WHY ?? Because government want you withdraw $ put into share market, bond, unit trust but you’re doing opposite way. Let’s look at latest FD rate of major bank.
The Highest what I can find 2.5% Per annual 

Can you imaging you keep RM10,000 in FD you’re only making RM250 a year, monthly RM20.83. ARE YOU KIDDING ?? NOOOO, use your calculator do the math.
So, what should I do? Are you telling withdraw all my cash and dump into share market, bond, unit trust?
I think depend on what kind of risk, age, and personality you are. I’ll always split to 3 category:

High Risk: Keep your cash in standby mode for share market, once see good counter with stable earning, good pass record if it happen go down to certain level, you should go in, example: Maybank drop to 3.x, genting at 3.x. Look at how much they’re today and compare if your cash park in either one of them.

Moderate: REIT, which always have professional help you manage property and earn rental for you. Constantly per annual income around 8% ~ 10%+ compare to FD 2.5% how much different?

Low Risk: As I mention before in my previous pos, GOLD always good for anti-inflation, economic crisis…
Use your common sense and logic, use your cash wisely…
Banking Institution Min. Age Senior Citizen Account Min. Deposit Min. Tenure Rates % (p.a.)
(Mths) Tenure (Mths)
1 Mth >1 Mth 1 3 6 9 12
CIMB Bank Berhad
Fixed Deposit 18 No 5000 1000 1 2 2 2 2 2.5
Citibank Berhad
Time Deposit No 5000 1000 1 2 2 2 2 2.5
Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Time Deposit Tier 1 18 No 5000 1000 1 2 2 2 2 2.5
Malayan Banking Berhad
Flexi Fixed Deposit 18 No 5000 1000 1 2 2.1 2 2.1 2.5
Public Bank Berhad
Fixed Deposit Plus 18 No 5000 500 1 2 2.1 2 2.1 2.5

Sunday, September 6, 2009

2012 The World Will End

Something good to share, could be movie of the 2009...
From the director of Independence Day & The day after tomorrow
Coming soon this 12 November 2009

Kfima -- Kumpulan Fima Bhd

Latest profolio in bursa
Kfima 30,000 unit @ cost 0.72
Gopeng 10,000 unit @ cost 0.665

both bought from last friday

The reason I love this 2 counter :
1) Very low PE, both around 2.5
2) Revenue increase, P/L increase, EPS increase
3) Core business diversified
4) Super value buy, using perodua kancil $$ buy honda accord value
5) Constant making profit for at least 2 years+

I'll always show you forehand call and profolio ^_~ sharing is caring

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Call Warrant Maybank-CM and Airasia-CH, does it worth to buy ?

2 new call warrants, Maybank-CM and Airasia-CH, will be traded in the market on Monday, 7 September 2009

I don't really like call-warrant, reason simply as "you buy you die"
1.) Expired date too short, normally call warrant have to exercise within 1 year time so when time come you don't exercise, your hard earn money become paper..

2.) Premium killing you, you're actually buying much higher price. If you notice call warrant and warrant always have this "Premium" column which tell you actually you're paying 17.72% (maybank-cm) higher than the mother share. You're paying honda accord price but you get kancil value.

Beware ~~~



Stock Code



Issue Price

15.5 sens

16.5 sens


8 Structured Warrants for 1 Maybank Share

2 Structured Warrants for 1 Airasia Share

Exercise Price



Expiry Date

1 year, 3 Sept 2010

1 year, 3 Sept 2010


5.23 times

4.30 times




Additional Info:

Exercise Style

European style, ie may be exercise only on expiry date

European style, ie may be exercise only on expiry date

Exercise Amount

Minimum of 800 Structured Warrants

Minimum of 200 Structured Warrants

Issue Size

Up to 100 million

Up to 50 million

Instrument Type

Non-collateralised cash settled call warrant

Non-collateralised cash settled call warrant

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gopeng and YTL-Cement

When you read gopeng financial report you might wonder how come revenue 4 million+ but Profit is 11 million. Most of their profit from this associate company -- Perak-Hanjoong Simen Sdn Bhd

Perak-Hanjoong is the second largest integrated cement producer in the country with a 16% share of the domestic cement and clinker markets. Operating two plants located in Padang Rengas, Perak, Perak-Hanjoong has a plant capacity of 3.0 million metric tonnes (MT) per annum for clinker and 3.4 million MT per annum for cement, both of which are manufactured for local and export markets. The company also has a cement depot and packing plant in Batu Caves, with an annual capacity of 600,000 MT. Perak-Hanjoong’s products are marketed under the trade name “Camel”.

Gopeng own 35.16% of Perak-Hanjoong Simen Sdn Bhd
64.84% own by YTL-cement, are they both doing good ? Oh yeah...

Ytlcmt closing price today 4.12 meaning indirectly you're using 0.6x buying portion of Ytlcmt, now you get the picture ??!!

Updated: Eyeing for XXXXXX

Finally, I get 10 lot of gopeng at 0.665
core business: cement, property, palm oil

PE around 2.5, Revenue jump 3x, PE jump 3x, Net profit also 3x.

90% over main income from their associate company....

Stable and profit guarantee: They own 30 over % of associate company another 60 over % own by YTL Cement Bhd.

Indirectly you're buying Ytl-cement under RM1 ....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to invest Gold in Malaysia

Why invest gold ? I think lots of people might know gold is the best tool to prevent currency losing its value.

36 years Gold data, gold has been going up and up soon or later will cross USD 1000/oz. So cut the crap let's talk about how we invest gold in malaysia.
Old generation uncle or auntie will goto jewelry shop buy tons of gold accessories -- ring, necklace, blah blah blah... which is not best to invest in gold because part of the value paying for design, shop rental, marketing and so on.

For us new generation I would rather go for real value invest in gold:-
1.) Gold saving pass book
Almost same as our saving passbook but it don't give interest, reason because gold appreciate by its value. When inflation up, gold value also follow up. It's easy to buy/sell but 1 drawback when something happen like war, country collapse or take over by others, bank bankrupt or suddenly disappear, your gold passbook become paper.
Now banks provide this kind of account, example: public bank, maybank, UOB,

2.) Kijang Emas Gold Bullion Coins -- Physical Gold
It's physical, you can touch, hold and even put under pillow and sleep. It would be recognized in other countries as a bullion coin .999 fine quality. Easy to keep, 1KG of gold worth
RM 118,013.00 so if you invest 1million it's just 10KG of gold.

Where can you buy ?
The Kijang Emas is retailed by Maybank and CIMB Bank in Malaysia.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Physical Gold

1) No other investment has the wealth preserving power of gold!
2) Gold should be part of every optimally diversified portfolio.
3) Physical (allocated) gold is the most secure way to invest in gold.
4) The current U.S. debt and trade crisis will continue to push gold prices up.
5) A tangible and liquid asset, gold is the only truly international currency.
6) Gold maintains its value through political and social upheavals, wars, and natural disasters.
7) Unlike paper currency, stocks and bonds, gold will never loses its intrinsic value.
8) Gold is an inflation-proof investment.
9) Gold will always be in demand, and demand is increasing.
10) Gold has always been, and will always be, the most legendary precious metal in the world.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Axiata vs TM

After since TM split their share into 2 I wanted to study what really axiata and TM different. Which is good for those people want to have better idea what their $$ really invest into and where's the market and what business their hard earn $$ invest.

  • Axiata Group Berhad (formerly known as TM International)
  • Incorporated on 12 June 1992
  • Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad
  • Principal activities - investment holding and provision of telecommunication and consultancy services on an international scale; focusing in high growth low penetration emerging markets
  • Controlling interest in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia with significant strategic stakes in India and Singapore
  • Over 94 million mobile subscribers in Asia (As of Mar 2009)
  • Over 25,000 employees in 10 countries (As of Dec 2008)
  • Revenue of RM11.3 billion (As of Dec 2008)
  • Vision is to be a regional champion by 2015

TM: Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), Malaysia’s leading integrated information and communications group, offers a comprehensive range of communication services and solutions in broadband, data and fixed-line. As a market leader in the broadband and fixed-line businesses, TM is driven to deliver value to its stakeholders in a highly competitive environment. The Group places emphasis on continuing customer service quality enhancements and innovations.

With its extensive global connectivity, TM is poised to position Malaysia as a regional Internet hub and digital gateway for South-East Asia. In line with this, TM is evolving into a Next Generation Network service provider enabling the Group to enhance its efficiency and productivity while providing enriched products and services.

94 millions subscriber for Axiata, alone in india how big is the potential ?? compare to TM which focus on malaysia market....

If you ask me which counter should I go for ? How do I choose ?

I would ask you back what kind of investor you're ? You want stable but slow and stable grow you go for TM. Under government umbrella, you'll enjoy stable grow.

But if you look for high potential go for axiata, reason ??

1.) After since split, Axiata came down from its highest RM8.x to 1.x now back to 3.x, upside potential you tell me.

2.) TM came down from 3.5 now stood at 3.1x, upside potential limited

3.) Axiata market focus on Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia, India and Singapore. Can you imaging how much of population of indonesia and india vs malaysia ?

4.) Axiata Net profit is double of TM, revenue increase but TM revenue still same.

Should I say more ?