Sunday, November 28, 2010

Property Germ -- Paramount

The 5 Reason why I buy paramon:-

1. Paramount recently sold some business and gain handsome profit which include jerneh insurance which RM130.80 million pocketed at the same time sell some business which is making loss -- KDU International Sdn Bhd which really show management capability and decisive decision (thumb up).

2. One of the lowest PE property counter in the market -- If we take latest EPS which translate PE6.6

3. As latest paramount landed property launch in kemuning utama buyer Q for overnight and have it sold out in less than 1 day time price @ 520k above... amazing G&G concept and strategy location.

4. Now they're accumulate land in cyberjaya which I think next booming location will be happen soon.

5. Paramount is cash rich, special dividend likely to happen in next Qtr, if paramount giving out all the dividend which they dispose jerneh each share can get RM1.08

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's friday nite, let's have some fun

Do you want to have this kind of life ?? oh yeah, let's make smart money ....

Sexy Bikini Pool Party by The Bank in bangkok, Thailand

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gopeng, big mistake....

I've been blog about this counter since 2009 all because of the associate company -- Perak-Hanjoong (what I called it the goose that lays golden eggs). When I saw the announcement gopeng sold perak-hanjoong for only RM200 millions I really can't believe it.
Let's look at latest QTR report:

12. Changes in composition of the Group

The Company’s major investment in associate, Perak-Hanjoong was disposed for RM200 million cash resulting in a capital loss of RM68.5 million.

Yeah, capital loss of RM68.5 million. Who the hell will sell the golden goose at loss ?? Why I said so, look at previous qtr track record...
After dispose Perak-Hanjoong, P/L turn red.... If you still remember my earlier post about Gopeng and YTL-Cement most of their net profit is contribute by Perak-Hanjoong(about 60%+)

Then gopeng Qtr report talk about future:

19. Future prospects

The Group’s performance for the next quarter is expected to remain at the same level. The Proposed Disposal provides a good opportunity for the Company to unlock and crystallise the value of its investment in Perak-Hanjoong Simen Sdn Bhd and hence strengthen the cash position of the Group.

What I don't understand:
1.) Why company sell the goose which can lay gold eggs ?
2.) They're not short of cash flow, why sell the the associate company at loss ??
3.) What they're going to do with the 200 million?
4.) Is this company really got future ??

Up to you to justify...

Btw, if the company utilize the cash to dividend, I believe each share can get RM0.9x dividend back....

Monday, November 22, 2010

I AM WHO I AM -- Paramon 怕老貓

Paramon -- Property Germ

Indeed, I love this song simply because the same attitude which I use for investing. I don't care what stock broker house recommend (for me those are bullshit), I only trust the number and myself. My latest pick paramon....

Is the current price way too high ?? I'll write up when I'm free...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

TomyPak (cont-ed) 2

I Just dig out from cimb research and would like to share with you few point.

Tomypak remains an OUTPERFORM with an unchanged
target price of RM4.96, based on a 30% discount to our 12x target P/E for Daibochi.
The share price weakness following the poor 2Q10 results is a buying opportunity.
Factors that could catalyse the stock include margin recovery and the approved share
split and bonus issue.

Among the lowest P/Es in small-cap coverage. In our small-cap universe, Tomypak
remains one of the cheapest, with a CY11 P/E of only 5.9x compared to an average of
9x for our small-cap universe. The gross dividend for FY11 is an attractive 6.2% but
could be higher if the net dividend payout ratio turns out to be higher than our 27%

I always believe buy something with extra discount -- buy honda accord with myvi price, how you like it ? Provided it's a high performance, reliable & stable car. Is tomypak match all of these ?! If tomypak PE race to somewhere near PE11/12, our return will be somewhere near 100%.

Cimb Report