Friday, October 22, 2010

Today Star -- TomyPak (cont-ed)

Today Star -- TomyPak (cont-ed)

1.) EPS, Dividend have been quite constant and stable giving out 3 cent each quarter

2.) As government new regulation, packaging industry now can transfer raw material cost to consumer, meaning to say their margin will not affect by the raw material price fluctuation. Raw material go up 30 cent, their price will go up 30 cent or even more.

3.) Nowadays you go shopping you’ll notice, most of the packaging last time used to be tin, glass or so on.?? Lots of fancy fancy plastic, boxes to attract consumer which can boost up packaging industry like tomypak

4.) Tomypak is the 2nd largest packaging company vs daibochi but if you ask me, I would prefer to buy something with discount and valuable – tomypak PE 6.x instead of something over price – daibochi PE9.x .

5.) The last – Revenue vs Net profit = Margin (How efficient the company use their resource turn into profit) compare tomypak (7.85%) vs daibochi (6.84%) from last quarter give me an idea – Large doesn’t mean the best

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tomorrow Star, Today Dirt -- TomyPak

Sorry for long time no update, busy with change job, move house & settle down......

Below is my latest profolio which I just bought today...
Reason ?? I'll post later when I'm free ~~ ^-^