Saturday, August 29, 2009

ATM card sooo convinience

Story begin with -- a friend who like to withdraw whenever he need cash and maybe twice or more a week from ATM machine.

Reason: Can save $$, prevent unnecessary spend on other things, better control. Since ATM is everywhere so convenience not matter which bank also can use as long as got MEPs.

Let's take maybank ATM charges as example:-
First 4 cash withdraw in a month is free, let's calculate 8 time (twice a week) a month he withdraw. Somemore he love convenience and withdraw everywhere, oh yeah ~~ really convenience... got MEPs mah.... ^_~

So let's assume 3 time from other bank, kena charges RM1 for each transaction
So each month spend extra RM3 + 0.50 (5th time withdraw from same bank)

The petrol and time you waste goto ATM and withdraw RM ?? let's say RM10 each month...
Do the math: RM3.50 + RM 10 = RM13.50
1 year 12 month RM13.50 x 12 = RM162
Another 40 years of life RM162 x 40 = RM6,480
The time you waste ..... priceless

Smart way to control spend? uh huh
End up spend more? ha haa

Transaction via ATM*
a) The first four (4) cash
withdrawals in a month at any
Maybank ATM.

b) The fifth cash withdrawal and
thereafter in a month at any
Maybank ATM**

c) Maybank MEPs ATM shared Network


RM0.50 per withdrawal***

RM1.00 per withdrawal

Property - Landed house, Condo, Shoplot, Freehold, Leasehold

I decide talk something about property, since I bought 1 last year and I also a beginner. Please correct me if I'm wrong :P

During April 2008 I decided to take up Freehold, landed Kemuning utama, a double storey terrance house - Indah Residence. Located in shah alarm, starting price was 308k but I ended up with 318k due to facing direction more empty landed backyard. 3 +1 room, 4 bathroom and blah blah blah......

Lots of people have wrong concept, you must be damn cash kow only can invest in property. But you never try you never know, I start with 10% initial deposit payment which is 31.8k and some lawyer fee which is around 2~3k + for bank loan. Take 90% loan with 30 years repayment plan, each month payment around 1500+.

Estimated Complete by Nov 2009, here come the story.....
Agent start sending SMS/call asking whether you want to sell your house at 400K ??!!
OMG, the house not even complete ... can you imaging less than 1 and half year time how much is the return ?

Let's do calculation: 10% Deposit 31.8K
Lawyer fee 2~3K
Total Around 34K
Total return (deduct all fee, bank penalty) still making 60k++ Net
around 200% return in less than 1 and half year, fuyoh !!!

Property investment advantage you can use 10% of cash to investment on 100% value for return.

My example 31.8k but you're actually invest on 318k value of property so the return on 318k percentage actually is 20%+ but what you get base on your cash is 200% return, now you see the magic ?

Compare to REIT which share market offer 8% ~ 10% interest return each year, which 1 better ? You tell me...........

From I study recently, landed property good for capital appreciation vs Condo good for rental but not or minimum capital appreciation vs Shop-lot which have both advantage but it need larger $$ at initial investment.

Consider take up 1 now ??

US Dow Jones VS Malaysia KLSE

History always repeat itself, but do you learn from history ??

US Dow Jones Index

Malaysia KLSE Index

Should I change to i love dow jones ?? hahaha

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eyeing for XXXXXX

I tried to get xxxxxx by today but no luck, can't get.
The flying result was out yesterday, core business cement, property, palm oil.

PE around 2.5, Revenue jump 3x, PE jump 3x, Net profit also 3x.

Market price @ ?? less than 1.00
Hopefully next tuesday can get some.
Wait for my good news

KNM result out

Bursa announcement

Thursday, 27 Aug 2009
5:57PM 1H net profit 169.872 million (increased 12.94%)

Does it really increase 12.94% ???
Look closely which they compare total P/L with year 2008 indeed it's increase
But let's look at EPS, on year 2008 1H EPS was 14.18 vs year 2009 1H EPS = 4.32

Year 2008 1H EPS 14.18
Year 2009 1H EPS 4.32

Does it really increase ?? Think again ...

Thursday, August 27, 2009


TAS the highest IPO oversubscription this year

Impressive !!! market price also the same for tomorrow??

KUALA LUMPUR: Main Market-bound shipbuilding group TAS Offshore Bhd's initial public offering (IPO) has the highest oversubscription rate among the IPOs this year at 19.47 times.

In a statement today, TAS group managing director Datuk Lau Nai Hoh said the total value of the applications received of RM165.8 million was also the largest in terms of value of applications by the Malaysian public for an IPO in 2009.

"The oversubscription rate and overwhelming response to the public issue of TAS Offshore reflect the strong confidence that investors have in TAS Offshore," he said.

Scheduled to be listed on Aug 28, 2009, TAS raised a total of RM69.3 million which will be used for expansion of existing operations, working capital and listing expenses.

Lau said it intended to use 81% of the proceeds to embark on "build, own and sell ships" as well as "build, own and charter ships".

Predominantly an export-oriented company, TAS group's main markets include Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Indonesia and the majority of its customers are in the oil and gas as well as mining industries. Export makes up 89.1% of its total group revenue.

Parkson really doing so well ??

Radio was talking about parkson this morning, Financial year end net profit 541.470 million (increased 20.87%)

Is this true ? Let's look closely of their financial report..
Revenue drop from last quarter 703 million to 574 million, P/L increase from 75 million to 301 million same goes to EPS 7.48 to 29.48.

Let's think again, business volumn decrease but P/L increase 4x+ is it normal ?
We go deeper --

"The Group recorded a seasonally lower performance in the current quarter in view of the absence of major festivities. Group's revenue was 18% lower at RM574.4 million with a corresponding lower profit before taxation of RM153.5 million.

After including the one-off gain of RM245.0 million arising from the share placement mentioned earlier, a higher profit before taxation of RM398.5 million was reported for the quarter under review."

ohhhh ~~ one-off gain of RM245 million arising from share placement so if you take
301 million - 243 million = 58 million vs last quarter 75 million

Whole year P/L of 2009 = 297 million vs P/L of 2008 445 million

Now you get the picture ??!! Is Parkson still doing so well ??!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Titan sound cool

You might never heard about Titan, but sure you use their product before.
They're produce full range polyolefins, Polyethylene & Polypropylene. You might wonder what these chemical product can make ??
Answer :
  • Grocery, merchandise and trash bags
  • Food containers for frozen desserts and margarine
  • Plastic caps, drink cups and closures
  • Liners for boxes of cereal and crackers
  • Toys
  • Dairy crates, bread trays, pails
  • Safety equipment - hard hats
  • House wrap for insulation
  • Bottles for household and industrial chemicals and motor oil
  • Large (rotomolded) tanks for storing liquids (agricultural and lawn care chemicals)
  • Large waste disposal bin
And lots more please refer to their website
so now you understand what titan do, let's touch a bit of numbers

This Quarter result Revenue 1,374,142,000 increase from last quarter 1,127,116,000 Net profit 174,007,000 increase from last quarter 130,155,000 EPS 9.97 increase from last quarter 7.46

Good enough ???
Not yet !!
PE drop from last quarter 3.92 to this quarter 2.93
Still not good enough leh, how ah ??
ok let's take their figure and do comparison again.

Operation Cost decrease = efficiency increase meaning same amount of work previously need 2 man to finish now only 1 man, you're saving 1 man salary, sound good ?

Need to say more ??!!! Answer is in the number, time can proof ~~~
Forehand call : I bought titan at higher average price 1.2 for 20 lots

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25/8/2009 Fundamental study on financial report


Let's share something with you, look at what I found on 25/8/09. Below are the result from Bursa announcement.

MFCB PE 3.4 Market Price 1.09 (Power Generation / Limestone Quarrying / Property)

Mega First Corporation Berhad is a Malaysia-based company. The principal activities of the Company are that of investment holding and provision of management services. The Company operates in five business divisions: Power, Property, Limestone, Engineering and Investment holding. In the power division, it builds, owns and operates power plants. In the property division, the Company is engaged in property development and investment. In the limestone division, it is engaged in quarrying of limestone and manufacturing and trading of calcium carbonate powder and lime based products, and calcium silicate bricks. In the engineering division, the Company is engaged in engineering, designing and manufacturing of automotive and transportation component.

EPS jump from 1st Quarter 3.29 to 2nd Quarter 8.25 (2.5 time) but Market Price didn't jump 2x still stood at 1.0x from 0.89 (as May 21 2009) only up 20%. From the PE itself jump up 250% should the market price follow as well??? What's the reason the market price still stood @ 1.0x ?? All I can say is lack of performance.....

The company start to buy back their own share since 6/12/2007 until today, total accumulate 7,144,100 unit, good sigh ?!! PJ8 is one of their property project cooperate with IJM....

Worth to buy ? you decide ...

Daiman PE 5.4 Market Price 1.53 ( Property)

Puncak PE 3.6 Market Price 3.3 (Water Business)

Revenue increase, Profit increase, EPS jump from 0.12 to 22.33 (mama miya) all your house water supply by them. Scare ? Ah Kong (government) supported, who no need to drink water ? shower ? flush toilet ? U tell me......