Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gopeng, big mistake....

I've been blog about this counter since 2009 all because of the associate company -- Perak-Hanjoong (what I called it the goose that lays golden eggs). When I saw the announcement gopeng sold perak-hanjoong for only RM200 millions I really can't believe it.
Let's look at latest QTR report:

12. Changes in composition of the Group

The Company’s major investment in associate, Perak-Hanjoong was disposed for RM200 million cash resulting in a capital loss of RM68.5 million.

Yeah, capital loss of RM68.5 million. Who the hell will sell the golden goose at loss ?? Why I said so, look at previous qtr track record...
After dispose Perak-Hanjoong, P/L turn red.... If you still remember my earlier post about Gopeng and YTL-Cement most of their net profit is contribute by Perak-Hanjoong(about 60%+)

Then gopeng Qtr report talk about future:

19. Future prospects

The Group’s performance for the next quarter is expected to remain at the same level. The Proposed Disposal provides a good opportunity for the Company to unlock and crystallise the value of its investment in Perak-Hanjoong Simen Sdn Bhd and hence strengthen the cash position of the Group.

What I don't understand:
1.) Why company sell the goose which can lay gold eggs ?
2.) They're not short of cash flow, why sell the the associate company at loss ??
3.) What they're going to do with the 200 million?
4.) Is this company really got future ??

Up to you to justify...

Btw, if the company utilize the cash to dividend, I believe each share can get RM0.9x dividend back....