Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Again, I make money from call warrant

It's been a while I didn't post anything, below is the latest holding.... hapseng doing quite well in the latest quarter result

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bought Mitra

I've bought Mitra today

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Call warrant, no problem

I've came across some blogger comment about how bad is the call warrant, but for me if the mother strong fundamental even expired is very near. No problem....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Paramon -- update after 40 cent special dividend !!

Copy & paste from forum....

In fact, the announcement of 40 cents dividend could well be the first of many goodies that we could hope to receive.

First, Paramount might consider returning the balance proceeds estimated at another 60 cents per share to the shareholders in the event that there is no land acquisitions in sight within the next 6 months. This is the assurance given by Dato' CQ Teo, Executive Chairman of Paramount, made during the EGM.

Second, there could be plans to give out bonus issue in an effort to boost the liquidity of its shares, which could take place as early as next year.

Third, they are already in the midst of working out a strategic plan, which involve the future listing of their education business after its KDU College has recently received approval from MOHE to upgrade to University College status, hence further enhancing the value of Paramoung shares.

according to egm, if they dont find suitable land for property development, will pay out further 60sen in special div(from jerneh sales).

year end soon, another 30sen dividend possible!
and the valuation for their business is still low!!! so there is still value at current price. plus next year their international school is up! plus they just got university status.

plus according to dato a bonus issue might b coming soon!
so next year lots of development too in property arm, where this year super profits!!!

So, there could be more upside to the current market price if we can hold the stock long enough to reap its benefits.


Low PE, plenty cash in hand, growing profit, having resilient education business (which usually trades at double digit PE). I think any drop in share price present good opportunity to accumulate

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bought 7,300 unit of MFCB

I've bought 7300 unit of MFCB cost around 1.81 yesterday....... which I've been eye for long time
MFCB I think I cover previously which you can find in my post...
1.) low PE power generate counter if you compare to ytlpowr, tenaga... (PE 7.x vs PE 10++)

2.) They are collecting their own share for 10% now around 6%, another fund also collecting which is FID Low Priced Stock Fund

3.) The up coming project.... which I got reply from them..

Hi Mr xxx

The term and validity period of the Project Development Agreement for the
Don Sahong hydroelectric power project has been extended to 12 February
2011. The project development is progressing well and we believe the
project could contribute significantly to MFCB Group's power business in

Yong Lai Sim
Group Company Secretary
Mega First Corporation Berhad

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

40 cent special dividend

Paramon just announced 40 cent special dividend....
which only giving out 40 cent X 120 mil shares = RM48 millions

Special Dividend RM0.40

Entitlement Details:
Special Dividend of RM0.40 per share less income tax at 25%

Entitlement Type: Special Dividend
Entitlement Date and Time: 23/12/2010 05:00 PM
Year Ending/Period Ending/Ended Date: 31/12/2010
EX Date: 21/12/2010
To SCANS Date:
Payment Date: 05/01/2011
Interest Payment Period:
Rights Issue Price: 0.000
Trading of Rights Start On:
Trading of Rights End On:
Stock Par Value:

Share transfer book & register of members will be closed from to (both dates inclusive) for the purpose of determining the entitlements

A Depositor shall qualify for the entitlement in respect of:
- Securities transferred into the Depositor's Securities Account before 23/12/2010 04:00 PM in respect of ordinary transfers.
- Securities transferred into the Depositor's Securities Account before in respect of express transfers.
- Securities deposited into the Depositor's Securities Account before in respect of securities exempted from mandatory deposit.
- Securities not withdrawn from the Depositor's Securities Account as at .
- Securities bought on BMSB on a cum entitlement basis according to the Rules of the BMSB.

Registrar's Name and Contact:
Tricor Investor Services Sdn Bhd

Level 17, The Gardens North Tower

Mid Valley City

Lingkaran Syed Putra

59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 22643883


Submitted By:
Tay Lee Kong

08/12/2010 06:05 PM

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Property Germ -- Paramount

The 5 Reason why I buy paramon:-

1. Paramount recently sold some business and gain handsome profit which include jerneh insurance which RM130.80 million pocketed at the same time sell some business which is making loss -- KDU International Sdn Bhd which really show management capability and decisive decision (thumb up).

2. One of the lowest PE property counter in the market -- If we take latest EPS which translate PE6.6

3. As latest paramount landed property launch in kemuning utama buyer Q for overnight and have it sold out in less than 1 day time price @ 520k above... amazing G&G concept and strategy location.

4. Now they're accumulate land in cyberjaya which I think next booming location will be happen soon.

5. Paramount is cash rich, special dividend likely to happen in next Qtr, if paramount giving out all the dividend which they dispose jerneh each share can get RM1.08